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3 DKink Review

Reviewed: 2012-11-20
Quick site rank and complete review of 3 DKink | Categories: Cartoon, Fetish, Software

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silver rank
Our Rating: 85/100

Quality of Content: 22/25

Purchase Value: 15/20

Leased/Own Content: 15/15

Update Frequency: 7/10

Content Variety: 8/10

Tour Promises/Reality: 5/5

Originality: 10/10

Navigation: 3/5

Images: yes

Live Shows / Chat: yes

Streaming Video: yes

Downloadable Video: yes

User Rating For 3DKink

User Rating: 51/100 - based on 66 votes.

Price & Payment Options

3 Days


Standard price: $9.99 (3 days, recurring at $29.99 / 30days)

1 Month


Standard price: $29.99 (30 days, recurring at $29.99 / 30 days)

3 Months


Standard price: $59.99 (90 days, recurring at $59.99 / 90 days)

6 Months


Standard price: $99.99 (180 days, recurring at $99.99 / 180 days)

1 Year


Standard price: $169.99 (365 days, non recurring)

Tour Promises

3DKink.com promises a fetish sex game where fantasies become reality porn, access to forum and live shows. Note that there are specific system requirements needed for this experience to run smoothly.

My Opinion About 3DKink

3D Kink promises a unique interactive fetish experience. This certainly piques my curiosity, but what is this site all about? Well, on the tour 3DKink promises more than just interactive videos and pictures. They promise that this cyber fetish game is in real time 3D and that members are guaranteed to feel like the experience is just like being there. However, before joining the site you should make sure that you have all the system requirements, which are listed on the join page. Without them, the membership will be useless. The software is free, but to play you'll need the membership.

This is definitely a new and unique experience and it works much differently than a regular porn site. There is a small gallery of 3DKink images already online, but these are just previews. You'll want to create your own images and scenes, which is the thrill here and there is a lot that you can do. It may take some getting used to, but there are instructions and in the site news portion you're kept apprised of any improvements, new features or fixes that are available.

I find it a bit hard to describe this site since the fetish and sex fantasies are self-created. What I can say is that there are tons of possibilities. Not only is this an interactive site, but members are put in the role of creators and directors producing their own videos. The first thing you'll want to do is create your own avatar so that you can put yourself into any scene, but you can also create and customize your own slaves and, if you happen to be a furvert then the software allows you to create 'fursonas', but that isn't all. While you can create more realistic players, you can also create fairies or, if you're a Trekkie, Vulcan sluts. The options seem exciting and endless and new features appear to be added over time. For example, during my visit it looks like a new kitchen scene became available, complete with kitchen appliances for those who take an interest in insertion scenes.

The range of customizable toys, dungeons and tortures is fabulous and there is a full range of softcore and hardcore sex poses. Toys are bountiful. Added to the more typical choices are sex machines, and the scenes are more than visual. I found a huge range of female voiceovers, but you can also use captioning if that is your preference. There is a hell of a lot to learn here, but I imagine I'd get better at it as time goes on. There are both female and male slaves, so you can have that option, as well and you'll be able to control everything from the speed of thrusts during fucking to the amount of pain doled out.

You get different modes for the games, as well. There is the Quickmode, which will drop your front and center into the game and Storymode is a bit more complex and involved, for example. The graphics are better than I could have expected and you can save your creations in a couple of different video formats. If you are new to the world of interactive gameplay, then it's likely you will spend more time trying to learn the game than enjoying the pleasures. But eventually, you'll be a guru and a master or mistress of your own universe.

Final Verdict

While 3DKink is amongst the least expensive site from Kink.com, there is a bit of a learning curve, so you'll want to make damn sure that you're into creating your own fantasy world to share with others or just save for your own pleasure. There is no question that this site offers one of the most unique experiences around, but instead of just sitting back and enjoying the ride, you will need to do a bit of work for your pleasure. Personally, it seemed like too much work for me and I'm not all that keen on downloading software to use a site, but for those into it 3D Kink gives you the chance to put yourself into a multitude of softcore, hardcore and fetish fantasy scenarios where the only limit would be your own imagination.

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